Investing in Keele Graduates

With nearly 10,000 students studying programmes of academic excellence, coupled with an impressive graduate employment rate, Keele University is producing the workforce of tomorrow and it is available to Science and Innovation Park tenants today.

‘Talent on the doorstep’ is one of the many attractions for businesses moving to the Park and existing tenants have been keen to recruit Keele students straight after graduation to benefit from their fresh knowledge and latest thinking.

Alliance Medical Radiopharmacy Ltd is one such business which has recruited and invested in the development of graduates from the University.

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The company, which produces radiopharmaceuticals and tracers for use in Positron Emission Tomography (PET), was founded in Dublin in 2001 and moved to Keele in 2005.  It chose the Park because of its links to the University as well as its easy-to-reach location for major clients in Greater Manchester, Preston and Birmingham.  Since joining the Park, Alliance Medical’s client base has grown to supply its products to PET imaging centres in Merseyside, Sheffield, Hull, Leeds, Cheltenham and Oxford.

Rob Heathcote, operations manager at Alliance Medical, graduated from Keele in 2003 and then spent time as a Postdoctoral Research Associate.  Since moving to the site with Alliance Medical Radiopharmacy, Rob has worked with the University’s Research & Enterprise services team, as well as the Science Park and the careers service, to recruit a number of talented graduates.  A total of seven Keele graduates have so far joined the company and gone through the extensive 18-month training programme.

Rob comments: “At Alliance Medical Radiopharmacy, we believe it’s important to recruit and train the next generation of talent and, with Keele University on our doorstep, it makes sense to recruit and invest in regional talent and encourage these graduates to stay within the local area.  It’s a two-way relationship, as not only do we get our pick of the best graduates, but it’s also a great opportunity for new graduates to start their careers on campus.

“We have been really pleased with the calibre of the graduates coming out of the University as they seem to arrive with the ability to take on the technical and intellectual tasks.  We invest a great deal in the initial training programme for graduates, but we feel this encourages them to stay long-term and we’re keen to offer them the opportunities to grow their careers with the company.  It’s not always easy and it’s not always quick, but the opportunities are far-reaching.”

Alliance Medical has also been very active outside of the lab.  It often works with the Royal Society of Chemistry to provide lectures and workshops in the community and the company has become an essential part of helping to develop a lively science community at the heart of Keele University Science and Innovation Park.

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