World-Leading Research

Keele University’s research is amongst the best in the world and is tackling some of the most pressing challenges facing society today.

97% of the University’s research is ranked as ‘world-leading’ or of ‘international importance’, with 17 subject areas being rated as ‘world class.’  The University has 13 research centres and institutes, investigating subjects within natural sciences, clinical sciences, social sciences, humanities and health-related fields.  In fact, all discipline areas within the University have examples of major projects that have had a significant impact on society.


Examples of the level of Keele’s research expertise include:


For businesses locating on Keele University Science and Innovation Park, they have unrivalled access to this research on their doorstep.  This means that the latest thinking and discoveries, along with the academic expertise behind them, are able to be efficiently and effectively transferred in industry and utilised in the development of new products, services and markets.

The University is rightly very proud of its thriving and stimulating research environment and the global reputation that the quality of its research has.  Science and Innovation Park tenants have a unique opportunity to take advantage of this knowledge and grow their business as a result.

To discover more about how your presence on the Science Park can benefit your business through links to the University’s research resources, please contact the relevant individuals below.  To find out more about Keele’s research programmes in general, please visit


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